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Investor Relations:

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  The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited   530111   INE830A01012

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Outcome of AGM:

Outcome of 27th AGM

Audited Published Figures:
Particulars 2006-07 2005-06 2004-05
Share Capital 396.98 396.98 396.98
Reserves 110.66 89.81 76.21
Secured Loans 192.80 194.92 125.25
Unsecured Loans 19.37 20.89 32.47
Fixed Assets 742.81 736.45 604.18
Turnover including other income 2105.72 1519.60 1070.41
Operating Profit 165.34 127.09 65.85
Interest 29.85 18.73 11.41
Depreciation 35.47 32.74 29.57
Income Tax 32.72 22.85 8.29
Net Profit 67.30 49.81 16.58
Dividend Payout 46.44 36.21 22.44

The company has very good financial strength, as it is almost debt free company. It is making reasonable good profits on continuous basis and built up reserves.

The company has excellent track record of paying dividend continuously from last 8 years, a unique feature of small sized company. State Bank of India rates the company as SB II category is another feature of the company.

The company has planned expansion of its capacity by putting very sophistitaked state of art new blown film line. The plant is expected to come in stream in the second quarter of next financial year. With that companyis profitand its EPS will substantially improve. The projected sales and profits and EPS are as under:

Projected Figures:
Particulars 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
Share Capital 396.98 396.98 396.98
Reserves 131.93 238.92 312.65
Secured Loans 122.04 825.49 707.96
Unsecured Loans 20.00 20.00 20.00
Fixed Assets 742.81 1372.81 1372.81
Turnover 1870.00 3010.2 3375.6
Operating Profit 176.36 300.46 316.10
Interest 31.00 97.22 84.47
Depreciation 35.47 65.40 65.40
Income Tax 42.18 30.86 46.05
Net Profit 67.71 106.98 120.18
Dividend 46.44 46.44 46.44

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