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The company is engaged in manufacturing of co-extruded multilayer plastic film Three layer as well as Five layer and having printing facilities too.

The Multilayer films as name suggests is a combination of various materials manufactured by the process known as Blown film co-extrusion into one homogenous film but with distinct individual character.

Some of End Uses are :
» Edible Oil Packing
» Vanaspati
» Milk, Curd and Butter milk
» Lamination Film
» Salt Atta etc.,
» Shrink Film, Stretch Film, Cling Film
Company is a leading manufacture of co extruded film for edible oil packaging. Film made on sophisticated plant & machinery with the use of new age advance raw material offers High seal strength, good Hot tack properties combined with excellent dart impact to withstand the vigorous of transportation. That is why company is able to supply its film to almost all the oils packers in the state of AP one or other time.

Three layer film which company provides is structured with combination of polymers like LDPE/LLDPEm/HDPE/HMHDPE/IONOMER.

Raj Packaging offers lamination film with tight tolerances for specific end use applications with desired properties enabling them to find value for the their laminates particularly in respect of COF and Bonding strength simultaneously giving excellent seal property.

The company is one of the first in manufacturing FIVE LAYER co-extruded barrier film with Nylon or EVOH as barrier material. The versatility of our Five Layer equipment enables us to make a barrier film with excellent range of properties suitable for a wide variety of applications. The diversity of our co-extrusion capabilities allows us to customize package where in we have a balanced property of Adhesion Vs Bonding / COF Vs seal strength and maintaining barrier property without loosing the basic properties at the same time.

Special Features of Our Five Layer Film:
• Excellent Barrier Properties: This will help the packed product to have better shelf llfe, retains aroma and act as barrier to oxygen, dust, moisture, etc.,

• Superb Sealing: Thereby elimates the leakages and machine losses

• Tougher and Puncture Resistance Film: Nylon imparts better impact and drop resistance which helps in safer and longer shipments

• Better Machinability: It is a versatile film and can run on any type of FFS and other machines

• Attractive Printability: Film offers better printability

• Economical: Cost wise and Weight wise

• Edible Oil: Best suited for oils which require better shelf life viz., Gingelly, Soyabean oil etc.,

• Ghee, Cheese bags
and other Dairy Products

• Poultry bags, Meat
and Marine Products

• Processed and Snack Foods

• Vacuum pouches for Cashew Nuts, Dry Fruits and Spices etc.,

• Aromatic and Beverage products like Tea, Coffee

• Medical Applications

Raj packaging offers Five Layer Lamination film with Nylon as barrier layer used for making laminates to be used for packing of sensitive products like Chemicals, Liquid Chocolates and various Edible oils to retain aroma etc.,

Raj Packaging apart from extrusion and printing machinery has other accessories like bag making machines to make specialized bags for various applications. Our factory meets all the food grade standards and has a zero dust environment. Apart from the above we have a full fledged applications department to meet and develop customized applications according to customer requirements.

We have Comprehensive testing equipment to meet stringent quality requirements of customers. With the above infrastructure and backed with dedicated professional team we provide excellent technical support, best quality product, quick response, timely deliveries and prompt services to all of our customers.

The company is having in house printing facilities having two printing machines and can print up to 6 colors. Company has also established in house testing facilities in the laboratory.

The company is in the business of manufacturing plastic co-extruded multilayer film for Flexible packaging. The Film produced by the process known as Blown Film co-extrusion process. The multilayer Films are combinations of 2/3 or more thermoplastic material co-extruded to form one homogenous film but with distinct individual character. The multilayer films depending upon their structure can provide a range of properties in the single film.

During the period of last eighteen years, the company has been able to develop a vast market for multilayer Film. The Company has gained experience in last eighteen years and has now got high value additions. The company has established its name in the market. The company is a leading supplier of film in south India for the packaging of vanaspati, Oils, Milk and laminators and other Flexible Packaging Industry.

The company is sourcing its high quality raw material known leading international suppliers having excellent support and relations. The company is having imported plant & machinery and by using improved, enhanced and high quality raw materials is able to make quality packaging material. It is basically catering to high market having good value additions.

The company has planned ambitious expansion. It is adding new high output, very sophisticated high end state of the art new three layer. The plant should come into operation in second quarter of the next financial year. The projected turnover and profits and EPS is being given Financial section website.

The Market
The company is engaged in manufacture of Multilayer Co-extruded plastic film and flexible packaging material. It is part of plastic packing material industry. The packaging material is important to several products, so this industry is growing very rapidly not only at its own but also because of growth of several industries which are using packaging material. The company is a leading supplier of film in South India for the packaging of Vanaspati, Oils and laminators and other Flexible packaging industry. During these years, the company has been able to develop a vast market for multilayer Film. The company is mainly in niche area of oil, ghee packaging and supply to leading converters to be used for laminates another high end use leading to value additions. At present the company is supplying to various customers, few of them are;

1. Huhtamaki PPL Limited
2. Mohan Mutha Polytech Limited
3. Trishala Lamintes Pvt. Ltd.
4. Sri Krishna Oil Mills
5. The Telangana State Dairy development cooperative federation Ltd.
6. Ushodaya Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
7. Ramcharan Food Industries Pvt. Ltd.