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Perfect packaging solutions for your product's precise needs
With today's emerging trends in packaging solutions, we at Raj Packaging with our co-extrusion capabilities are able to meet ever changing demands in flexible packaging.

Multilayer Films

Multilayer films are an important part of today's packaging industry due to need for convenience and better shelf life of the product in a economical way. The diversity of our co-extrusion capabilities and availability of new age polymer resin allows us to customize your package where in we have a balanced property of Adhesion v/s Bonding , COF v/s Seal strength and at the same time take advantage of individual properties of the polymer to create classic packaging solution for your needs.


  • Dairy Products
  • Edible Oils / Ghee
  • Frozen Foods / Marine Products
  • Vaccum Pouches
  • Sensitive Chemicals
  • Specialty Film


Raj packaging Industries with years of experience in multi-layer film, printing and now into lamination offers High impact multilayer printed/unprinted Laminates for all purpose. Laminated films with its increased efficiency, high shear strength, printing capabilities having visual appeal are widely been used today with high speed lines. Laminated films are widely used in FMCG, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automobiles etc. With in-house blown film, printing machine and converting unit we have capability to laminate wide variety of film substrate. Selecting a proper packaging material for your product is a key part and our team can assist to meet your requirements.

  • Food Industry – Atta, Rice, Namkin, Edible Oil
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household Supplies
  • Beauty Care
  • Pet food
  • Automotives / Industrial Application
  • Agricultural Film / Seed Industry

Shrink Films

Raj Packaging Industries provides shrink wrap films and pouches for food and non-food industries. The company has developed a special LL/ LDPE based high quality shrink film, which is ideally suitable for packing wide range of products at an economical cost. At a time when conservation of the environment is a very critical issue, the recyclable shrink film comes as a great solution. Our Shrink wrap film with excellent optical appearance, good machine ability and low shrink temperature provide added benefits to the customers.

Being one of the pioneers in flexible packaging we have expertise and resources to meet all your packaging requirements and help you standout with customized solutions.